Large Collection of U.S. Silver Coins

Large Collection of U.S. Silver Coins

This auction is for a lot of mixed silver coins which were collected over the year.

All coins are circulated and the lot contains, 140 Washington quarters dated 1964 and earlier ,

(25.3176 troy ounces), 281 Roosevelt dimes dated 1964 and earlier, (20.32754 troy ounces),

36 Kennedy halves dated 1965-1970, (40% silver 5.3244 troy ounces), 19 Walking Liberty halves, (6.87211 troy ounces),

8 Silver Eagle bullion coins, (8 ounces of .999 pure silver) ,

and 1 $20 Liberty Dollar coin, this is a privately minted 1 ounce of .999 fine silver coin, (please check for more info).

I would also like to note 5 of the Silver Eagles are UNC. and in plastic cases.

There are multiple collector grade coins throughout the lot, however I never pass up on silver, no matter the condition.

Using a U.S. "Coin Calculater," with a silver price of $32.54, $2175.03 is the total silver value of these coins,

with a total weight coming in at, 66.84165 troy ounces.

This lot will be shipped registered mail, therefore a signature will have to be provided. U.S. orders only please.

As always shipping can be combined for a discounted total, plese contact for specific prices, or any other questions.

With a Silver price
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