Large Disney Store Display Mickey Minnie Donald Goofy


Original Disney Store Display Including:

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pooh & Piglet

This is by far the COOLEST original Disney Store display on Ebay today. It features six of our favorite Disney characters. This is a large display. It measures 26" high X 21" long and 15" deep. It features our favorite characters sitting on a large red book. The book itself is 21" X 15" X 4" high. Mickey Mouse stands on the top center of the display holding books. He is 11-1/2" tall from toes to top of ears. Minnie stands in front of the book Mickeys on. Looks like she's reaching for one of Mickey's books. She stands 12" high from toes to fingertips. Donald Duck is relaxing in a cute pink bathtub with a DD towel waiting to dry him off. The tub is 10" long. Donald sits 8-1/2" tall from the bottom of the tub to the top of his hat. Goofy is sitting behind the green book in the middle of the display reading a book and resting his arms on many others. He measures approximately 10" wide nad 9" high. Then you have Pooh & Piglet who seem to be using a book as a slide. Poohs arms are up "look mom no hands" and Piglet is covering his eyes.

is what I find wrong with this item: One corner of the bottom book is a little tattered on the corner. Also, someone spilled something
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