A large genuine bronze age ring, presented here as a pendant. There are some who believe these to be a form of ancient Celtic money, though there is no actually evidence to support this, they have been found in considerable amounts together. However, I have bought artefacts in the past that have had these types of rings attached - bronze age and Roman harness for armour and horse for example. The ring has been expertly cleaned to reveal the original lustre. The inside of the ring has not been cleaned, and retains the original patina. This patina cannot be faked and attests to the rings authenticity. This is a genuine ancient artefact See picture for condition. Low start - No reserve
Date: circa 1st/2nd century BC
Size: inner diameter apx 21mm
Investing in Ancient Artefacts.
Ancient artefacts are finite, less are being discovered as time passes, and of course at some point in the future there will be no more. The quantity and availability of these ancient historic pieces is ever decreasing as collectors and museums purchase these objects and take them permanently off the market. Consequently, investment in antiquities is rising. Of course there are few of us who can afford to bid millions on objects like the Guennol Lioness, but, as availability decreases across the whole spectrum of ancient artefacts, investment
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