Large iron meteorite piece, Muonionalusta from Sweden

Muonionalusta Meteorite

History of the Muonionalusta meteorite: This iron meteorite was found in Norrbotten, Sweden in 1906. Several masses were found in the area in the early 20th century. In 1999 Swedish meteorite hunters returned to the area and began finding many pieces of this meteorite. Since then, many large and hundreds of small pieces have been found in one of the largest strewnfields on earth, so far known at about 30 kilometers by 10 kilometers. Classification Data: Muonionalusta is an an iron, Fine octahedrite, with a bandwidth of 0.3mm and ~8.02%Ni. I mounted an expedition to the Muonionalusta region in August of 2006, and below are some photos of the strewnfield and meteorites. The first photo is of myself at the Muonionalusta sign near the Sweden/Finland border. The area is simply beautiful, nothing but rivers, lakes and forests populated by bears and raindeer, and very few people! The second photo is my first Muonionalusta find a 47 kilogram meteorite I found on my birthday!

Below are photos of a 26 kilogram meteorite that I also found, my second piece!

Below is a photo of another much smaller meteorite I dug for hours to get to! These meteorites were moved by glaciers during the last ice-age, so some are buried over three meters (10ft) deep, others are barely under the surface!

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