Large LOT Of 17 MARY'S MOO MOO'S Cake Toppers Collectibles 1994-1998

Lot of 17 Mary Moo Moo collectibles.
If you wish to see more photos of a particular figurine please message me. I'll be happy to send you additional photos.
1994 Utterly Refeshing
1995 Sweet Warm and wonderful
1995 Hay, Let's Cud-dle
1995 I Will Never Love An-Udder
1995 The Cows in Corn
1996 Our Love is Growing
1996 May the Sun Always Shine on Moo
1996 June Mooing the Lawn
1996 November Moo Autumn Be In Pictures
1996 Falling for Moo
1996 Water Friends For
1996 Peek-A-Moo
1996 I Pick Moo
1997 Friends Will Never Steer You Wrong
1997 Hanging out with Moo
1998 Will Moo?
1998 Pie..Spice Life