Large lot of 20 TY beanie babies some rare and htf, exc. condition

My husband said either they go (all my beanies) or I go and I love my family and house (laughing) - so here they are!!

I have a huge collection of over 1,0000 beanie babies and I haven't a clue as to how one goes about selling that many.

I do not have the time to look them all up and see the current asking price, so I am just going to take random lots of 20 beanies, box them in a large priority box (holds aprox 20) and list them. These beanies have never been played with only stored and come from a smoke free home. Some of the beanies are older from the 1990's, most are retired, a lot of them are exclusives, beanie babie of the months and ty exclusives (check out all my different lots). I have tried to include all different animals in the groups and have tried to include at least 6 or 7 bears.

These beanies are all in excellent to mint condition and so are the tags. Some have tag protector's, some do not.

I have taken a lot of pictures so if you have time - take a look. If you are a collector or someone looking to re-sell you are going to get some great deals.

In this lot you will get:

Roxie black nose, Hark - Green, Hark - Red, Stirring, Toboggan, Snowball, Santa, Attic Treasure - PEPPERMINT, Snowgirl, 2000 Holiday bear, Star, Ice Cubes, Cande-e, Joyous, 2003 Holiday Teddy, 2008 Holiday
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