Large Lot Of American Flyer Original Track In Very Good Condition

Here is a large lot of original American Flyer track in very good condition. There are 44 straight tracks and 46 curved track in this lot along with a curve track missing 1 tie and 2 extra ties. There is some surface rust spots here and there and some of the tracks are missing the connector pins but overall this track is pretty nice. I am not splitting this up and this auction is for all 90 peices of track. Shipping is for 11 pounds so please wait and I will send an invoice with the cheapest shipping cost on it. Fedex may be the best way to go. I don't buff, polish, or wax items to make them look better. I've had that done to me a few times and I don't appreciate it. I am going to be listing some train items and some other rare treasures (or useless junk as my wife puts it) so keep checking back. Thanks for looking and
I don't end auctions early so please don't ask. I would like payment within 7 days if possible or at least contact me to let me know what is going on. I try to ship as soon as possible and try to keep the cost as low as possible. My usual handling charge is less than 1.00 to cover my costs and I will combine shipping when possible. I try not to make money on shipping but I don't want to lose money either. I try to ship things out as soon as possible, but this pesky thing called work keeps me from shipping the
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