Large Lot Assorted Chandelier Crystal Prisms

This is a nice assortment of sparkling beautiful chandelier crystals. You can use to make a chandelier, refurbish an old one, use these prisms in your crafts, they look so pretty hanging in a window or to brighten up your shabby chic furniture hanging from a knob. I use some to han on my curtain tiebacks. When the light hits them they really shine.
Here is the description of pieces in this set. Lengths include the octagon 1/2" bead at the top
5 Icicle shaped drops - length of piece is 4.25"
5 rectangular Victorian shapes - each one is 4" long
3 Extra large Baroque shapes - 3.5" long
6 Teardrop shaped - 2.5" long
1 Clear crystal ball 20mm
1 Pink Crystal Ball 20mm
1 yard crystal octagons joined by brass bowtie connectors A yard has 48 crystal prisms total.