Large Lot Autograph And Memorabilia Cards

65 autograph cards and 86 memorabilia cards. Mostly Topps and Upper Deck 2007-2009. No super stars, but many successful major leaguers and minor stars.
Priced to sell at under $2 a card......Great value for collectors and good price for dealers.
Here are all the autograph ones that I either recognize or are marked with the rookie card symbol. Not a big baseball fan anymore, so I may have missed some good young players. Slightly bigger names on some memorabilia cards, but as I said, no superstars.
Justin Morneau
Matt Holiday
Lyle Overbay
Kevin Youkilis
Yuppie sky Betancourt
Ben Sheets
Matt Lindstrom (rookie/patch)
Jason Hammel
Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Kyle Kendrick RC
Armando Galarraga RC (2)
Randy Wells RC (regular and refractor/200)
Aaron Laffey
Joey Gathwright
Luke Scott
Daric Barton RC
RIich Thompson RC
Felipe Paulino RC
Chin-Lung Hu RC
Mark Reynolds
Joakim Soria
Faustian Carmona
Doug Slaten (rookie/patch)
Felix Pie RC
Oswald Navarro RC
Angel Sanchez RC (2)
Akinori Iwamura (patch/auto/numbered 21/25)
Ben Francisco