LARGE lot of P-86 Fiestaware

Lot of P-86 Fiestaware to fill out your collection.
I am reducing my Fiesta collection. These have been used then stored for years. I've noted condition problems as best as I can.
sunflower royalty vase
2 hostess plates ( this is the older style without a well in the middle): black ( stacking marks), cobalt
cobalt presentation bowl turquoise large platter (seconds)
1 gray creamer (rough lip) 1 pair turquoise salt & pepper shakers 1 pair sea mist green salt & pepper shakers
1 dinner plate: rose 9 salad plates: 2 yellow (show wear), 3 cobalt, plum, rose, white, black 5 salad bowls: 2 yellow, persimmon, rose, periwinkle 4 small oval platters: 2 white, 2 sea mist green 3 tea cups: white, cobalt, yellow 4 saucers: chartreuse, white (has a design), cobalt, yellow
Shipping : I haven't boxed all of this up. I think it will be 3 boxes that are 20 pounds each. I'll find the least expensive shipping method and return any shipping over payment. I don't use shipping charges to raise profits.