LARGE Mobile Suit Gundam Lot G 0083 Seed Wing

Up for Auction:
These items are 6" figures, out of package. but come with all weapons and items for that figure, Never been played with all for display only, only open due to water damage on package
Burning Gundam
SD Gundam Bahamut
Master Gundam
Battle Scarred Burning Gundam
SD Gundam Wing Zero
Zaku II
BS Shining Gundam
These Items are 6" figures Mint in package, few have the glue loosened but they were never removed from the plastic.
Battle Scarred Deathscythe Hell Custom
Battle Scarred Deathscythe Hell
Battle Scarred Wing Zero Custom
SD Captain Gundam
SD Deathscythe Hell Custom
Battle Scarred Gundam Rose
Hyper Mode Shining Gundam
Battle Scarred Gundam Maxter
Battle Scarred Bolt Gundam
These Items are Deluxe Edition Sets 6" figures with other accessories, open but with package and accessories
Allie Strike Gundam + Skygrasper
Burning Gundam with Mobile Horse
This item is a 7.5" Deluxe figure
Battle Scarred Burning Gundam
also included in this auction is a small collection of Gundam War TCG cards (one starter set plus several boosters (opened)) and collectible Gundam Trading Cards
Everything that is listed is included in auction, No Returns. Any Questions please feel free to email.
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