Large MTG Lot. Over 3,000 Cards. 89 Rares. Magic The Gathering, see details

This is a very large lot of magic the gathering cards. The cards are completely random from my old collection. There are cards that could go as old as revised and as new as theros. they are also in random conditions, while most if not all are in near mint to mint condition there may be some in poor condition but definitely not many.
COMMONS AND UNCOMMONS: It is approximately 2,800 commons and uncommons, separated into even segments of around 500 red, green, blue, black and white cards with 300 artifacts and each of those are wrapped in piles of 100 cards a piece as seen in the picture. There is also one stack of 100 multi-colored cards. 42 non-rare foils. 2 packages of unopened cards, most likely containing land. And 80 non-basic lands (I say approximately because I hand counted all of the cards and I could have miss counted some of the stacks by a couple cards and I do not want to provide false information)
RARES: There are 89 rares in this lot. The rares are random colors and sets. Most of these rares are in near mint condition while a few are played but not poor. These rares do contain random rare foils as well
OTHER: I have also included 29 random tokens, 2 emblems, 30 poison counters, 23 checklist cards (those things for the double-faced flip cards) and 80 non-basic common and uncommon land. I made sure the
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