Old Large Jewelry Box

Japanese Style

Mother of Pearl Inlay

Fine Silk Lined

Fabulous Old Workmanship!!

Deep Carving!! Elegant Design!

Rare repair!!! no damage!!!

This is an old jewelry box ~ exquisitely deep carved ~ the wood very heavy ~ the interior and removable tray is lined in fine silk. Hand painted surrounding border in real Gold!! The box is large!

The lacquer is the finest. Rich Deep Natural Lac from the Lac Tree! The lacquer is multi -coats of natural lacquer. This is a very long process of curing between coats which produces the deep rich finish. The deep lacquer of this quality only belonged to finest lacquerware items in China!! The Mother of Pearl is hand carved and then lacquer must be carved out for the stone to be inlaid.

The styling of this box is called Japanese style for its priceless but simple design. For some reason, this styling of box is much more expensive than others.

The body is hardwood making the box very heavy. The wood box is all handmade before the long process of Natural Lacquer which is an art all its own!

This is not the cheap boxes made in the last half of the 1900's ................ This is the real old inlaid jewelry box!!

The circa is the earlier first half of the 1900's. The
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