's a big knife that will be a super knife when the easy restoration is done. I have had this knife for years wanting to restore it with some nice old bone or even ivory. The only thing I could find out about it was that it was "produced by Miller Brothers". I'm not certain whether the stamping was one they put on to be imported into Prussia, to be in line with some strange tariff requirement......or it was made in Prussia for Miller Brothers using the side brand of Parker & Field. But the name was owned by them and it is a nice large knife.

I buy alot of old knives, and have for years.....but I have never seen this stamping, let alone a nice big knife like this!!

I spent a little time putting some small nails in the proper places as temporary rivets, to insure fit and function. It snaps nicely both ways and will probably improve once it is properly assembled.

This is the ideal project for someone that is limited on tools (maybe lives in an apartment or the city) but is interested in knife making / restoration, with some basic knowledge of handle gluing and fitting. Honestly, a fairly literate person, that is willing to learn a little would have no problem with this project.

Length open is an impressive 9 15/16" with the big blade at 4 3/8".

The blade is full with some old sharpening
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