Large pair of Kutani Shishi Lion (Foo Dog) Statues

Large pair of Kutani Shishi Lions,Foo Dogs, Koma-inu

This is a really nice large matched pair of kutani Japanese Shishi Lions. It is not easy to find these in pairs, so now is your chance! This pair is in excellent shape with no chips, cracks or breaks that I can find. They date back to some time around the Taisho Period of the early to mid 20 th century (circa 1920s).

Shishi Lions (Foo Dogs) Koma-inu
Shishi lions are magical creatures that often stand guard (in place of the more common Nio Protectors) at both sides of the entrance of many Japanese temples and Shinto shrines. The male is often depicted with its mouth open in an effort to scare off demons or anyone with evil intentions, and the female often has her mouth closed in order to keep the good spirits inside. Another explanation is that the open mouth Shishi is uttering the sound "Ah" which first syllable in Sanskrit (as well as Japanese), and means birth or beginning (alpha). The closed mouth Shishi is able to utter the sound "Un" or " Om " (even with her mouth tightly closed), which is the last Syllable in both Sanskrit and Japanese, and means ending or death (omega). Together, they represent the alpha and the omega and all of the cosmic possibilities in between.

Female Dimensions:
Hight : 22.25cm (8.75 inches)
Width: 20cm (8
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