Large Photograph of General G.A. Custer Headquarters

Large Photograph of General G.A. Custer Headquarters
1864 RARE Albumen Image of Possibly Unpublished
Major General G.A. Custer?s Headquarters, Near Winchester, VA

This is a one lot sale. This rare photograph was originally owned by General Custer himself. It was found by Dr. Lawrence A. Frost when he purchased the Custer family farm house and found a cache of Custer documents and photographs in the attic. A certificate from Historical Rarities Inc. will accompany the auction. Taken on Christmas Day December 25, 1864. Photographer William H. Bowlsby, Monroe Michigan. The photograph is an albumen print mounted on printed card stock, 11 5/8 x 9?.

I have done alot of searching other the internet and this photograph, and I have been unable to locate this image. I have been collecting Custeriana for over 20 years and I have never seen this image published or let alone an original.

Condition: Corners are crisp and sharp very minor lower edge warping on card mount only not effecting albumen. Right hand corner of card has crease not effecting image.

Also in same corner (see photo) t is a very light stress eruption that starts from the left and goes to the right. The slight angel hair fracture does not go all the way to the other side. Barely visible.

Else print is in very fine condition.

Apparently this albumen print was either taken before or after a more well know image shown

December 25, 1864: A photograph is taken of Custer, his staff, and family members on the porch of the M. Y. Mason house at Winchester, Virginia, Custer's headquarters at the time. Picture includes Libbie Custer and her father and mother, brother Tom Custer, Lt. Jim Christiancy, Col. Whitaker, Baron Sieb, Lt. Nims, Capt. Lee, Lt. Norvell, Surgeon Woods, Mrs. Woods, Orderly Joe Fought, H. Mail, and Miss Richmond and an unknown scout.

T are three people standing on the front porch, who do you think they might be, is one General Custer? Take a look at our other RARE Custer Photographs we are listing this week. If you have additional information regarding this rare photograph we would like to hear from you. Good luck at the auction.
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