A very interesting important enamel case silver watch with a digital and hand painted picture of a hot air balloon, verge, fusee. ,London madeC 1806 VERY WELL PRICED!!! PLEASE DO TAKE TIME TO READ THE FULL LISTING AND DO ENLARGE THE PHOTOGRAPHS TO GET A BETTER LOOK. SORRY FOR ANY REFLECTION. CASE. The outer Silver case is large and measures 59 m.m. edge to edge, and has a watchmakers paper nice to round this watch off. The enamel is in first class condition. The polymerie enamel is baked at 250 degrees, with a very fine digital picture of a very good scene of a hot air balloon setting off on a flight with a great crowd watching with a lot of detail, with hand painted flowers round the front bezel. This fine work as been recently done by a professional artist restorer. The silver case with the watch measures 50 m.m. both cases are well hallmarked for London 1806 The weight of the watch is C 176 grams an extremely good weight for a watch. All the hinges and clips work well on the cases. DIAL. The white enamel dial is in fine condition. with Roman numerals for the hours. HANDS. very fine gold hands. GLASS. The glass is very high domed clean and clear. MOVEMENT. The fire gilt movement is currently running it just goes to show what a very fine watchmaker made this watch for it to run after all these years over 200 years. It runs to the ... read more