Elis Kauppi (1921-2004), born at Turku, Finland, has been one of the few pioneers in the Finnish modern jewellery. He started on jewellery branch 1936 and founded Kupittaan Kulta Oy with two friends after the war 1945 and made his active career as the designer and art director in that company until his retirement. Kupittaan Kulta Oy was export company exporting to mainly to Nordic and Central European countries, but also to USA and Japan. Modern Finnish jewellery art can be seen started 1958, when four major modern jewellery designers: Bertel Gardberg, Elis Kauppi, Börje Rajalin and Eero Rislakki, held their modern jewellery exhibition at ARTEK in Helsinki.The jewellery of Kauppi has been exhibited in several international exhibitions and museums: Formes Scandinaves, Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris 1958-1959; The Modern Jewellery Exhibition, Goldsmiths´ Hall, London 1961; Pforzheim Jewellery Museum 1967 and 1970; International Art Exhibition in Shibya, Tokyo 1970, 1973 and 1976. This beautiful modern Finnish design ring is marked with hallmarks anvil (= manufacturer mark, Kupittaan Kulta Oy), 585 (= gold per 1000, 14K), crown in a heart (= official national mark), A (city mark, Turku) and T7 (= 1972). The ring size is European 17.3 mm, US 7, UK O, D 17¼, JPN 14, CH 15¼ and F 55¼. The diameter of the bright quartz stone is 17 mm ... read more