Large Saint Christopher Medal Protector of Travel ye-am Yellow-Aquamarine

Large Saint Christopher Surf Medal ...protector of travel!

The St. Christopher Medal, protector of travel, became popular with the surfers in the sixties who wore it to protect them while surfing. It also became a symbol of "going steady" as guys and girls would exchange them as a sign of romance. How many St. Christopher medals did you give or receive?

Well now they're as popular as ever and it's not just a symbol of going steady. Parents give it to their kids, friends give it to one another as a sign of love and friendship. The St. Christopher Medal has become an icon for the beach lifestyle that everyone at any age can enjoy!

*Makes an excellent gift...also included is the legend and the story.
Please note: The Saint Christopher Medal comes with an adjustable ball shorten just cut off the excess to your desired length and re-attach to the double ended closure
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