This species is found from the Red Sea to
the west coast of Central America

Acropora hyacinthus grows as a large table or layered plate coral. It can reach up to 3m in diameter with numerous short, single branchlets extending vertically from the longer horizontal branches. This is one of the most common Acropora corals and grows on reef flats, edges, slopes and submerged reefs. One reason why this coral may be so common is that it can survive for extended periods of time as a planula. After spawning, a fertilised egg becomes a free swimming planula that is dispersed by currents. The planulae of some corals settle between 2 and 5 weeks after spawning whilst the planulae of A. hyacinthus can survive for up to 3 months. This survival strategy means that young corals can be dispersed hundreds of kilometres away from their place of origin. The life cycle of A. hyacinthus demonstrates the connectivity and interdependence of coral reef ecosystems.

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Table Coral

Length: 12 1/2"
Width: 10"
Height: 6 3/4"

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