Very large unique oak clock Carl Werner - rarity

Very large unique collection oak clock Carl Werner in very good condition
Very little such clocks stayed on world - this true rarity.
Precise mechanism of the highest class.
length 50.39" - 128cm
width 17.32" - 44cm
depth 7.87" - 20cm
dial 5.7" - 14,5 cm
Including wind up key
The 8-days work runs flawlessly and is of very high quality.
Eight-day movement has a very sonorous gong chime at the half and full hour.
Specific feature:
Precise Mechanism of the highest class signed logo Carl Werner
Exquisite huge chest
Beautiful pendulum in very good condition
Fantastic design
Beautiful crown solid oak
Beautiful embellishments
Case veneered with oak wood
The clockwork is clean, oiled and runs very exactly .