Large Vintage Butcher Block (Restored)

I have this very nice 100 yr old block for sale here. She was in bad shape when I got her, after many hours she's like new and ready to go another 100 years. I don't have exact dimensions in front of me but you can see that she is quite large. She weighs in at 275 lbs. Her history is vague. I got her from a woman in San Francisco who said it came with the house years ago when her mom bought it. There is no branding or clues as to its maker. Its a good height for cooking. You could use it to eat on, but it might be awkward. Since these photos she has become less shiny, but if you want that great shine just put block oil on her and BOOM! If you live within 20 miles of Oakland Ca., I can deliver and "install" in your kitchen for and extra $100.