Large Vintage Intaglio Daisy Pattern Glass Compote

Crystal Clear Vintage Compote, Comport

Very Good Condition


This very nice large compote or comport is 60's in style. I do not know the age or manufacturer but it has a very chic intaglio daisy button design on the underside with red enamel centers. It has a candlewick or atlas ball like edge trim on the outside of the bowl. The base is screwed into the bowl and the top has a chrome like finish. I am not sure of the metal though.

T is light wear on the metal & very light small surface scratches that are almost undetectible unless held under a light. I found no chips, no nicks, no cracks & no fleabite areas upon inspection.

I would say it is in very good condition for a vintage piece.

It would make a great decorative bowl for tidbits or nick knacks.

Measurements: It is about 9" across at the widest, counting the ball edges. Inside rim is 7 3/4". Height is about 5 3/8". It is large & heavy. Weight is 3 lbs before shipping. Estimated shipping weight is 5 lb 9 oz. give or take a few ounces.


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