This auction is for a very well loved Wilfred Rabbit from the Pip Squeak and Wilfred Daily mirror cartoon Strip in the Thirties.

As you can see from the pics he is very aged and needs TLC

He is 15 inches tall and completely straw filled.Made from two shades of mohair ,but he is almost bald.His legs,ears and back were once a orange mohair while the rest of him was white.He has a non working squeaker in his back.He has jointed arms.He is missing his original eyes and has buttons as replacements given to him by his previous owner.

He has thinning to nose fabric that shows straw and a hole under his chin that shows straw.He has several small areas of wear to his front where the fabric exposes straw.And he has staining to him.His legs are wired and again the wire has worn through fabric and is exposed it is shown on pics.His ears were once a vibrant orange mohair but they are now very sparse.One has become unstitched on the inner side.I do not think they were ever wired as the one that has not become unstitched shows no visible signs of holes where wire has come out.His tail is soft filled.

As you can see from pics he is well loved and needs new eyes and a good clean but he is a very charming rabbit / hare and unusual in the two colour mohair. He has no makers name to him but he could poss be Farnell

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