Large watch band Turquoise -silver by Fred Tsinnijinnie

Bought this from a MicMac (Canadian spelling Mi'kMaq') friend - who got it from the Navajo jeweler at a session of the National Congress of American Indians conference - which happens frequently - representative members of all tribes are invited and they discuss items of concern to all Native Americans. My friend thought this was the one he attended in the 60's.. and the jeweler/Navajo represntative's name was Fred Tsinnijinnie.
The watch band is thick heavy silver.. and has great stamp work - rocker and circle stamps... great file work and twisted wire with large silver dots as well. Seems to me to be a high quality 60's-70's piece. Each side of the cuff has 6 turquoise stones.. all are robin's egg blue - all have rough top surfaces with a tiny bit of matrix. The watch is not running - my friend said he had replaced it once or twice. This is a timex. To replace watch or battery - lift gently up on the thin sheet metal overlay at watch sides... replace watch or battery and gently push sheet metal over again. Cuff is 6" inner diameter with a 1.25" opening. Think this fits an average size man's wrist. It is it is 1.75" at widest, back (next to opening) is 7/8" wide. The silver is VERY heavy and the work is VERY nice. Design and execution - both make this a very nice piece for it's era. Stones are all roughly oval... largest 2
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