New Larger Mini One Brick Propane LP Gas Forge

This is a one brick forge which is wraped in 18 ga. steel for protection. It's a standard 9" x 4 1/2" x 3" insulating brick.

Comes complete with high pressure regulator, 5' high pressure hose, brass needle valve for precise control,

adjustable tool support, and a 0-60 lb gauge. Hooks up to a 20 lb or larger propane tank. It's a real propane sipper,

a tank should last 30 hours and will heat a 1/2" sq. bar to forging temp. in just a few minutes at 8 lbs pressure.

Great for a blacksmithing, tool maker, jewlery maker.

By other bidders request the chamber is now larger.

The main chamber is 1 1/4" wide X 2 1/4" high X 5" deep and after that it's 1 1/4"

wide X 1 1/4 "high so you can easily pass a 1" sq. bar through the length of the forge

which is 9". I have sold over 30 of these to blacksmiths at conferences this last year and

I have sold 30 of these on eBay and everyone has been very pleased with their performance.

Also teachers can introduce students to blacksmithing and basic forging at a minimal cash outlay.

Postage is for the lower 48 states.

I have 3 of these units ready for shipping. I have added a couple more pictures to show what I've

done in the forge. The knives and drawknife where all forged in the mini-forge. Any bending
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