Lark Ukulele. original model. 1960s Retro

Welcome to the Ukulele restoration barn

For Sale

Old Ukulele. made by Lark, Shanghai. China

Lovely 1960s Retro Uke.

Ideal as a starter uke

If your new to the uke and looking for that first one

heres an ideal starter

Why buy one of those awful multi coloured ones?

get the original thing!

Comes set up to play, ready to strum straight out of the box!

its had the Restoration barn treatment and is fully road tested

plays like a dream!

Nice surburst finish, all original tuners and bridge, nice MOP fret markers

no dings or dents

holds its tuning with a nice pleasant uke sound

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and feel free to ask any questions

will be posted recorded delivery for peace of mind