RARE LaRue Tactical - Red Dillo - "I BEAT TEAM BLUE" - Range Day 2011 + EXTRAS

THIS LISTING INCLUDES: RARE LaRue Tactical Red-colored Dillo - "I BEAT TEAM BLUE" - from Range Day 2011. NEW & SEALED. LaRue Tactical Bumper Sticker - "God Bless Our Trooper... Especially Our Snipers." LaRue Tactical Bumper Sticker - "Extremely Rightwing." LaRue Tactical - The Constitution of the United States Pocket Book The attached photos are taken of the actual items. This item comes from a pet-free and non-smoking home. Check out my other listings and save on combined-shipping!
ABOUT THIS LARUE DILLO: This LaRue Dillo (Beverage Entry Tool) was awarded to winners of the shooting competition at the 2011 "LaRue Range Day" held on November 12, 2011, in Liberty Hill, TX.
The shooting competition was between a "Red Team" and a "Blue Team", similar to the TV show "Top Shot" of the History Channel. Participants would choose a team color, then go head-to-head against an opponent from the opposite team . The winner of the head-to-head challenge received one LaRue Dillo displaying their "team color" with an inscription explaining that they've beaten the opposing team.
I received this Dillo as a member of the RED TEAM and defeated an opponent from the BLUE TEAM. I got lucky and won this one after beating my first opponent from the Blue Team .
Two LaRue bumper stickers and Constitution pocket book are also included!
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