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Do you want to try something stylish and modern? If you say "Yes," Laser Anyw is for you.
Laser Anyw is a complete course of CD Manipulation. In Volume 1, Adrian Man, a Hong Kong award-winning magician, will teach you everything on CD Manipulation. Adrian covers every topics of CD Manipulation including Palming, Production, Holder, Body Steal, etc. Besides, fpr the very first time, Adrian also teaches you the "Split Fan Production with CDs" and "Jumbo CD Production Routine," which are the highlights of his award-winning act!
Laser Anyw Volume 1 contains these incredible effects:

Introduction Tenkai Palm Perfect Palm Waist Palm Toss Vanish Flash Vanish Drop Vanish Knock Vanish & Production Perfect Single Production Tenkai Single Production Perfect Multi-Production CD Transfer 3 CDs Vanish & Production CD Vanish & Production with Silk 4 CDs Production Routine with Silk Color-Changing CD #1 Color-Changing CD #2 CD Fanning Split Fan with CDs Mini-CD to CD Flash-Paper to CD CD to Confetti CD Holder Body Steal Jumbo CD Production Routine CD Manipulation Routine #1 CD Manipulation Routine #2 Adrian's CD Routine

English/Cantonese Versions with English Subtitle

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