Laser Range Finder JCS602 1500 yards 7x with SCAN -Golf

PAR70 Golf Products.

JCS602-1000 1500 yard... Laser Range Finder for Golf.

7x Magnification. 1500 yard range. (You will not need to measure 1500 yards, but this is a direct indication of the power of the laser which makes all measurements easier and more accurate!) Scan Mode. 26mm Lens.

Shipping......Most orders ship the same day or within 24 hours of you purchase. We ship everyday except Sundays.

FREE......USPS Priority Mail Shipping in the USA .

FREE.....USPS 1st Class Mail shipping to Canada .

USPS 1st Class International Worldwide Shipping $5.

Why should you buy this Unit? Because it works well and is an amazing value.

Why should you buy it from us, Par 70?.............

We have been selling these Range Finders for over 10 months on EBay (We have sold several hundred, No one sells more or has even come close!!). We are an authorized "full line" distributor and a licensed PA business (9 years in business)(Par 70, llc) and also a TOP Rated POWER SELLER . We handle any warranty issues if the unit is purchased from our company . Buy from a company with a proven track record that can support your sale and not from some "me-to / copy cat" seller, selling them from the basement of thier home or some other country. Make sure you know who you are buying from , ask how
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