LASKY STUDIO 1928 original photo cast & crew JAMES HALL Just Married 1928 silent

A fascinating 8 x 10 inch b/w photo from 1928 of the filming of the Lasky Studios' silent film Just Married starring JAMES HALL who can be seen sitting on the bed to the right. The photo is dated May 28 1928 and titled on verso. It also shows the camera and lighting used to shoot films of that era. The director Frank R. Strayer is shown at the lower edge of the photo and in the rear is lighting director Roy Roberts from whose collection this photo originally came from.
James Hall was a leading man for Famous Players Lasky and Paramount during the late 1920s and early 1930s. He appeared in the Howard Hughes film "Hell's Angels" with Jean Harlow and "The Canary Murder Case" with Louise Brooks his career faltered during the 1930s and his untimely death from cirrhosis came in 1940.
Identification was based on the writing on the back of the photo but I cannot guarantee it.
Note: The white diagonal line across the image is NOT on the actual photo but meant to restrict copying of the image, Photo is in very good condition with handling creases but surface and margins are intact.The photo comes from the collection/estate of Roy Roberts who was a lighting director for Paramount from he late 20s on. He worked with some of the greatest names of that time and I am listing a series of photographs of the cast and crew for several of
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