Lassie books-Golden, Tell-A-Tale, Cozy Corner, Whitman

This is a collection of 7 Lassie books about the famous collie who was a star of movies and television.

There are 8 in the photos but the book LASSIE AND THE BIG CLEAN UP DAY (middle book, top row) is NOT included in this collection.

There are three small Whitman Tell-A-Tale books-LASSIE AND THE KITTENS-1956, LASSIE'S BRAVE ADVENTURE-1963, AND LASSIE FINDS A FRIEND-1960. All are in very good condition with the usual bumps and wear on the corners and spine ends of the covers.

There is one large Whitman Cozy Corner book-M-G-M'S LASSIE RESCUE IN THE STORM-1951. Very good inside, usual wear to the cover edges and the spine cover is mostly missing but the binsing is tight.

One Whitman BIG Tell-A-Tale, LASSIE AND THE DEER MYSTERY-1966. Very good condition inside and out with just some minor bumping to the cover spine ends and one small tear to the middle of the spine.

One Little Golden book, LASSIE AND HER DAY IN THE SUN-1958. Good condition inside and out. The pages are slightly age browned, and the corners slightly curled. The cover boards are corner bumped and the spine has a bit of the covering missing, about an inch.

One Whitman Authorized TV Adventure book, LASSIE LOST IN THE SNOW-1969. This book is larger than the others with 208 pages. Very good condition inside and out. A name
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