Lassie Collie Dog Nova Rico Florence Picture w Frame 3D

Lassie Collie Dog Nova Rico Florence Picture with Frame 3D 1973

Beautiful 3D Framed Picture of Lassie. Raised, especially, on her nose, forehead, paw, green ferns, ear, wood log, and mouth. Looks like you just want to pet her, long pretty fur. Ears half down. So adorable. Matt finish. Looks and feels like a molded plastic type. So life like. Almost looks like you have 3D glasses on without the glasses.

Reads on bottom of picture. No NOVA RICO - FLORENCE - ITALY

This is a treasure that is for sure. Quite a find. Rare to find so intact and EVEN in a frame already! And in Great condition.

Size Including Frame: 10" x 13 3/4" Frame is 1/2 Thick.

Picture is in a Wooden Frame. Professionally done, with 2" thick special brown paper tape on back holding the picture in frame. Small hanger nailed on back for wall. Doesn't appear to been used. Lightweight in feel. Ready to be put up in your home, office or ? No need to find a frame.

Great conversation piece.

Picture is VERY CLEAR. I wanted to get a close picture so you could see the detail. Not blurry as pictured Sorry.

Condition is Great. A couple of scrapes, but not even torn through the picture. Mostly by her right ear. Nothing on her face or rest of the scene is squished or ruined. Very nice condition overall. She was
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