'O' Last Name - Multi-Sport HOF Autographed Jersey Live Break Link #25


You are NOT bidding on an entire box of cards, autographed jersey, or autographed helmet. You are bidding on a link to a live video only.

By bidding on this listing, you agree that you have read this entire description.

The winner of this auction will receive a YouTube link to a live video stream of me opening the following sealed box(es):

1 - 2016 Gold Rush Multi-Sport Hall of Fame

Autographed Jersey Box

Your winning link will be messaged to you as soon as the auction has ended.

The live video stream will take place at 10 p.m. ET the night the auction ends.

If you are unable to attend the live break, you can search breaks by tez on YouTube to view a recorded version of the video.

As a BONUS , if you are the highest bidder and the bidding exceeds $0.98, I will award you all of the cards and/or memorabilia pulled from the box(es) for the letter stated in the title of the listing you won, which represents the first initial of the player ' s last name. If payment is not received prior to the live break, you will automatically forfeit your opportunity to receive a bonus from breaks by tez.

This is not a chance auction! You are bidding on a link to a live video. All cards and memorabilia received from " breaks
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