Late 1890s Oval Glass Bead and Silver Tinsel Wire Ornament. Germany.

Oval Glass Bead & Silver Tinsel Wire Ornament. Glass and Tinsel Wire Ornament.

Late 1890s German Christmas Tree Ornament.

Silver tinsel wire, in an interesting pattern, with almost like a bottle neck.

Oval bead, blue and silver.

4.00" and in very good condition.

This ornament has a very rich heritage, and has such a fascinating history. This beaded and tinsel ornament was produced in the tiny town of Lauscha, Germany. It had its roots in early glass manufacturing in this city in the 1830s. Lauscha is known as the "Birthplace of the Christmas tree ornament. They are a result of a cottage industry. First, a mold was created of pear wood, then a two part plaster of Paris mold, then clear glass tubes heated in Germany cottages by the fathers and sons. They would heat the glass, and then blow the ornaments. They were silvered inside by the mothers and daughters. Left to dry, and then the women (including grandmas) would hand-paint and finish these ornaments.

Ornaments were stored, and in the spring, the grandmothers (while the others were in the fields) would travel down the steep hills to the train station, where they were shipped to the seaport, and exported to the United States. Landing in New York, they traveled to our homes, and we purchased them. This is a one second summary. The details
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