Lateral Thigh Strider Newer Model than Trainer Stepper

Lateral Thigh Strider PLUS

Start your weight loss today!

The Lateral Thigh Strider Plus gives a smooth and easy ride, with low impact. Its anti-slip pedals and a health club quality strong steel base are very durable. The quiet compact body makes it easy to use anyw The Lateral Thigh Strider Plus is so easy that any one can use it.

Unlike ordinary steppers, THIS NEWEST 2006 MODEL HAS A STURDY HANDLE POST which makes it safer than any portable stepper in the market.

It moves in a 2-directional, motion. Move your legs in, out, up, and down, all at the same time. No matter your size or fitness level, you can burn fat and tone your muscles with this machine. Start using the Lateral Thigh Strider Plus today to start slimming your body and firm up your muscles and body.

A fun, fat burning cardio workout plus a super effective toning workout. It not only moves up and down, it also moves in and out at the same time. The secret is the bi-directional skating like motion, unlike ordinary steppers the Lateral Thigh Strider Plus' unique movement targets multiple muscles from different angles.

This is better than the Trainer because this has a handle bar. This is a TriStar product and is also promoted by Benda DyGraf.


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