Laughing Jack's Gold Deposit! 3 1/2 lbs Gold Paydirt, Cons & Gem Mine tailings

My dad had gold claims when I was growing up so I have been around prospecting for a long time. Almost two years ago I had to go on 'chemo' for about one year. I had zero energy to walk out to the car, let alone go prospecting. I noticed that there were dozens of people selling paydirt on Ebay.I started buying from everybody because this is something I could pan in the back yard sitting on a chair. It was relaxing and got my mind off my problems. I would always be so excited when I would get a package in the mail. After I opened it up and panned in most cases I wasn't so excited anymore. There were a few sellers that had an excellent product for a fair price, but most didn't live up to the hype. I still buy occasionally from the good ones for my own panning pleasure. I also, continue to check out new sellers to see what they have to offer. Anyway, I thought that after the chemo was over maybe I could offer a quality product myself and at a fair price. That is what I continually strive to do. I don't know how much gold you will get, but I know there is some in every bag. You also will get a variety of interesting gems. It will take some skill and patience to pan this bag out properly, but the rewards should be great..

The gold can be from Alaska, California, and Arizona. Most of the gems are from Pala, CA. Please tell me
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