LAURA GILPIN , Photogravure, Famous Navaho Mother photo

Note; The gravure is much better than the ebay scan. Ebay has reduced the size and quality for some reason.????

I see a lot of estate sales on ebay, and I have decided to sell off a lot of my collections to save my children a lot of hassle in years to come.

I am a old guy and have been collecting Photo Gravures since 1960. Most of my Gravure collection is from photographs made before 1940. The gravures were printed from photographs, or negatives supplied by the photographer, to the New York Educational Alliance in 1941.

They were printed onto a light cream colored paper.

I have drymounted most of my Photo Gravures onto 9x12inch acid free off white matboards . Drymounting is one of the best ways to protect photographs. The drymount tissue between the gravure and the board forms a barrier that stops chemicals from entering the paper from the back.

All of the Gravures look like they were printed five years ago, instead of over sixty . I have kept them in dark storage. Any defects if any will be noted.

This offer is a Photo Gravure by LAURA GILPIN. The image was made in the 1930's', and this gavure was printed in 1941.

It is titled "NAVAHO MOTHER", and is one of her more famous photographs. The printing of this gravure was approved by GILPIN in 1941.

Laura Gilpin was a well
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