LAUREN GERMAN SIGNED 8x10 Photo Chicago Fire PD Hawaii Five-0 Texas Chainsaw

You're bidding on a SIGNED 8x10 Matte Finish photo of LAUREN GERMAN from the hit show Chicago Fire! Lauren was kind enough to sign this at a promotional appearance for the show. NOT A REPRINT AUTOGRAPH , this is a hand signed photo! Photo is not a crappy print-on or printed-over graph. Picture is developed within the paper at a photo lab, not on top of from some ones home printer. WATERMARK w/ my username is NOT ON ACTUAL picture and is for security purposes to prevent image and signature forgery. Q: Why is a portion of the autograph obscured? A: Because unlike MANY signatures you’ll find out there, mine are actually real. I’m tired of having my autograph scans being used to create fakes. I will not contribute to forgeries. I am a NY based collector, unlike “Joe Blah from Utah ” who seems to have a ton of autographs even though no celebrities ever appear there. Proof photos are watermarked with my logo and are guaranteed not to be found anywhere else unaltered. They are unique to my auctions! Beware unmarked proofs! Celebrities DO NOT always sign in the best spots on the pictures and they do not always sign their full names, anyone who tells you different is yanking your chain. If it looks too good to be true it probably is! All Autograph items are obtained by myself in person through hard work and patience and guaranteed to

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