Lavender Glass Vortex Marble Lampwork Paperweight

Lavender & Purple Dichro Glitter Vortex Marble
Christmas Sale!
This handcrafted vortex marble is a Lavender color with brilliant Purple dichroic glass inside with a white swirling band. It is much more dazzling in real life. This little treasure measures about 1.17" and you can view the vortex from the back!
Glass artist Joe Winterbower lives with his wife, Rat Terrier, and Blue and Gold Macaw in beautiful Oregon. His marbles can be seen at The Real Mother Goose Gallery and at PDX in Portland, Oregon, and also at Courtney Creek Gifts, Books, & Coffee in Lebanon, Oregon, The White Bird Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon, & Shearwater Gallery in Seaside, Oregon.
He specializes in vortex marbles, but likes to make beads, creatures, paperweights, pendants, and anything else he can manipulate his hot glass into. He uses borosilicate & dichroic glass for his marbles and kiln anneals each piece for strength. Each piece is dazzlingly ablaze with color and texture and is one-of-a-kind.
These marbles make very cool gifts for friends and loved ones. We love it when people turn them over and wonder how the vortex appears to be so deep compared to the back.
Thepics don't begin to capture the jewel-like, sparkling properties,almost opalescent appearance of the Dichroic glass. It's amazing and beautiful,
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