Lawn decoration motorized Christmas Ferris Wheel

This is a 7ft diameter ferris wheel that is powered by a gearmotor and has Christmas lights on it. It's made of PVC, so it's lightweight and can be disassembled for easy storage. It also is structurally sound, so it won't blow away while outside. This is easy to re-assemble and won't take much time. I am selling complete ferris wheels, do-it-yourself kits, or my plans to build your own. The ladder of which is more cost effective to you, which will provide you detailed instructions and pictures to build it yourself. The kit will include almost everything needed, cut and drilled along with detailed plans to re-assemble yourself. Both are highly recommended. I am selling the kit for $250, or just the plans for $50.

I can offer various sizes, just let me know what it is you want and we can work out a price. No need to settle for the newest fad in lawn decorations that aren't eye catching. BE THE TALK OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, WITHOUT PAYING TOO MUCH.

You can email me at

I have as many kits or plans as people interested. I can build as many fully functioning wheels as people interested.