LAWRENCE OF ARABIA Motorcycle Crash Death 1935Newspaper

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA Motorcycle Crash Death 1935Newspaper is a complete, genuine historic newspaper with the following title, date and description: THE NEW YORK TIMES , May 19, 1935. * Lawrence of Arabia killed * Thomas Edward Lawrence * 1st report w/ photos This 70+ page newspaper has a two line, two column headline on the front page: * Lawrence Dies of Crash Injuries After a Six-Day Fight by Doctors with subhead: "Leader of Revolt,in Arabia Was Unconcious Since Accident in Dorset in Which He Swerved Motorcycle to Save Boy--Called One of Britain's Great Heroes" Much more on page 34 with related photos. Text on him takes up the whole page. Other news of the day throughout. Usual browning with little margin wear, otherwise good. source: wikipedia: A few weeks after leaving the service, aged 46, he was fatally injured in a motorcycle accident in Dorset, close to his cottage, Clouds Hill, near Wareham (now run by the National Trust and open to the public). The accident occurred because of a dip in the road that obstructed his view of two boys on their bicycles; he swerved to avoid them, lost control and was thrown over the handlebars of his motorcycle. He died six days later.[5] Some sources mistakenly claim that Lawrence was buried in St Paul's Cathedral; in reality, only a bust of him was placed in the crypt. His final resting place ... read more