Lawrence Vargas (signed) "Blackware" - Native American "A Mother's Prayer"

Pristine condition. 8.5" tall x 6" long x 5 wide This sells for between $185 and $210 in the galleries

"A Mother's Prayer wears the treasured southwest turquoise and is decorated with the hallmark of most of Lawrence Vargas pottery; the flower. This piece of beautiful Southwest Pottery is created by, hand-painted and personally signed by Lawrence Vargas.

Proud of his multicultural ancestry, Lawrence Vargas' aspirations stem from his rich and varied lineage. It is this influence of early Aztec Indian beginnings as well as his roots in Mexico , Spain and South America that emerge as a unique blending of cultures in his art. This mestizo, or mix of cultures, are reflected in his distinctive artistic style and is sought out by collectors the world over.