3 lb Gold Panning Concentrates Paydirt Flake Fines Pickers Nuggets Black Sand

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Our paydirt comes from the Ore rich Mother-Lode Gold Belt In California.
Gold panning concentrates - amazingly rich paydirt!
This listing is for 3+ lb As much as you like by the 3 lb. Our paydirt is 100% unsearched with California Gold added to every order.
We know our paydirt is rich with Gold we have done a lot of work over the past 15 years prospecting for great rich Gold areas and we all know how much work it is but we love it the hunt and adventure is the best part.Then we bring the fun right to you.Also we will be listing paydirt for many different areas we have prospected in California over the past 15 years. Give our paydirt a try we 100% guarantee you will be happy and have lots of fun. You get a honest paydirt here and a honest Gold return.That is what I would want as a Loyal Buyer with no dis-appointment.Every bag is scooped for that buyer day of shipment.

By purchasing our gold paydirt you are purchasing the chance to replicate the gold prospecting & panning experience from anywhere in the world,even in the comfort of your house or backyard!

Just as in nature, sometimes you will reveal a lot of gold,sometimes you find a little.

As long as our Paydirt is used properly, gold will be revealed in every bag you purchase
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