7 LB Jewelry Lot*Good-Junk*Vintage-Now*R/S*Rings*MOP*Beads*Copper*Lindenwold

7 LB Vintage to Now Good to Junk Jewelry Lot

Many of the pieces can be worn as is

but some are parts for repair, crafts etc. Some of the

pieces are Vintage but many are more Contemporary.

Some of the materials and types you’ll find include:

Rings, Beads, Strung Beads, Copper Cuff Bracelet,

Rhinestones, Lucite, Mother of Pearl , Crystal ,

Chains, Many Earrings, Semi Precious Stones?

Faux Pearls, Brooches, Necklaces, Bracelets, Plastic,

Enamel, Cloisonne? Broken Pieces and Broken Chains,

Some are signed although they may only be a single Earring.

Some of the lot is clean, and some is in need of cleaning.

And many of the pieces are tangled and many are broken.

And some pieces you may consider junk.

I request payment within 4 days from the close of the auction.

If you cannot pay in timeframe, I would appreciate you not bidding

I only accept PayPal and only ship to the US