LB&SCR 1840s open third carriage 4mm scale cast model railway kit by 5&9 Models

Unmade whitemetal 4mm scale 5&9 Models kit of an LB&SCR 1840s open third class coach. Details are taken from an original drawing and information kindly provided by Simon Turner of The Brighton Circle.
It is easy these days to assume that travelling in these 'trucks' must have been an extremely unpleasant ordeal, especially in inclement weather. however one should bear in mind that the most comfort a third class bottom would experience in the 1840s would be a folded blanket. The excitement of being carried along behind a modern steam locomotive at speeds in excess of a galloping horse must have been quite exhilarating.
It is unclear how many of these coaches were in service on the Brighton Railway or how long they remained in service before being rebuilt into open sided and fully enclosed coaches. there is evidence from LB&SCR Board minutes that Stroudley was under pressure to provide better third class accommodation by enclosing third class stock so they may well have soldiered on later than we like to think.
The kit contains; two sides, two ends, two solebars, four axleboxes, four springs, etched brass w irons, pinpoint bearings, four buffers, etched safety chain hooks and eyes.
To finish you will need: Plastikard or brass for floor and seats, wheels (14mm 8 spoke), couplings, fine chain, brass wire
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