5 Lbs Grabbag #3 Vintage & Cont. Craft Jewelry

5 Lbs #3 Grabbag Vintage & Cont. Craft Jewelry

I have been collecting jewelry for many many years and have accumulated so much that I am going to have to try and sell it in order to make room for more ;-). My passion. Anyway, what we have is 5 pounds of jewelry that includes everything from vintage to contemporary, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pendants, watches etc. etc. to numerous to list. Most need repair, missing mates or novelty items and should be considered for Crafts. I have 28 more new grabbags on auction, so please check those out as well. T is also some broken sterling included. I will be happy to combine 2 lots for the flat rate shipping price of $10.35 and 3 lots for $13.95 flat rate priority. Good luck bidding on hours of fun you will not be disappointed. Because of the nature of this lot, it is not returnable.