Le Creuset Pate Terrine #32 Cobalt, 1990's

:>( Coming to the end of my beautiful collection. I purchased this piece with dozens of others in the early 1990's during my French Cookware phase. Most pieces were never used. I just loved the look and wanted a pretty French Country look for my kitchen. Most of the other pieces have now gone off to new adventures. Maybe their new owners will actually cook in them. Imagine....cookware used for cooking....what an idea!! This nice piece has never been used. It was just too cute not to have. It is a pate terrine and I suppose its intended purpose is to make pate. I thought it would make a nice loaf pan for breads or even meatloaf. I never tried either. It is in brand new condition although it is over 23 years old. It has no chips, dings or other defects. It is a sweet litle pan. I love it so much I saved it for one of my last pieces to be listed. Yoursto enjoy for the next 20 years. BEAUTIFUL! I will refund any monies over the charged shipping if the shipping is less. I will cover the difference if the shipping is more. I will insure the cutie. The speck shown in photo #5 is not a ding. It is the interior color enamel "overflowed" from the factory. Some call that a "birth mark." It is not a defect.