LE Smith Rearing Horse Bookends Emerald Green Glass NR

Available for your consideration is a
Gorgeous pair of
L E Smith
Rearing Horse Bookends
Emerald Green
Direct from an Estate purchase
Perfect condition with NO damage
some early glass flaws
age unknown
Just over 8" tall at the mane
HEAVY glass bookends
Solid glass at top, and thick hollow at base/bottom
Famous for Depression Era glasswork, the L.E. Smith Company created a line of products that have become very collectible. With a history that spans over a century, the Smith Glass Company, as it is now called, has been resurrected. With the company very near the point of closing forever in 2004, help arrived in the form of new ownership. William Kelman purchased the ailing company in 2005. Born in Scotland, Kelman must have seen that the business of pressed glass production could be sustained.
The L.E. Smith Company is said to have been founded in the early 1900's by Louis E. Smith. Smith appears to have been a somewhat enigmatic character, moving around to different glass ventures before finally settling in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. Martins Ferry, Ohio was the home of the Buckeye Glass Company and Smith is said to have spent time t as a designer during the 1880s. He is rumored to have died, without much notoriety, early in the 1930s.

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