Lear Learadio Learavian P-10A Portable 3 Band

Lear - Learadio - Learavian
Model P-10A

Portable Radio Receiver
105 - 125 VAC 50/60 Cycles, 105 - 125 VDC or Battery Pack (not included)

"The new LEARAVIAN Model P-10A is a compact portable radio receiver employing six tubes in a highly sensitive superheterodyne circuit designed for reception in three bands - Marine Band - 2.0 to 5.5 MC - ship-to-shore commuications, Coast Guard weather reports, universal radio service for aircraft, U. S. Standard Time Signals, 2.5 to 5.0 MC shortwave broadcasts; Standard Broadcast Band - 550 to 1600 KC -entertainment, newscasts and weather information; Airways Band -200 to 400 KC -airport cormnunications, weather reports via range stations and airways 4-course beacon signals (A/G)"

Includes ten page manual and one page schematic.

Used. I do not know if this radio is working. Sold "As Is"

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